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Office automation, is beneficial for your company having a group of employees working together within one department or multiple departments spread all over the world. To share information, or using the same infrastructure, printing facilities or storage between al the authorized employees is called office automation.

By sharing documents to another location you save money and time. If your company is running projects, a group of employees can work on the same project at the same time, so that will save you time and money. Even data storage is much easier by using office automation, you can always retrieve the information you need. A number of administrative actions can be taken automatically, such as automatic just-in-time-payments.

Imap and pop3

We support 2 types of email protocols, IMAP and POP3. 

We advise you to use IMAP.
The advantage of IMAP over POP3 is that you can create a ‘group’ e-mail address which can be administrated by one or more people, devices or employees. If an e-mail is received, all the members using the same IMAP account are receiving the same e-mail. If one of the members is answering this e-mail all the members of using this account, sees the answers and same e-mail structure. 


Many companies don’t care about backups for their customers, Web2 Basic does. Backups are for your safety. A good back up can really save your company from disaster.

Backups are so important that we do 2 kinds of backups:   
Onside backup, for fast restoring.
Offside backup, for more reliable and security. 

 We make regularly backup according a predefined scheduled. This is a daily schedule or weekly schedule. This service is included in all of our packages except for the standard package.

Uptime and performance

Web2basic wants to know how well we preformed, and how your website is preforming. Performance monitoring is done from multiple sources trough out the world. Web2Basic uses the criteria below for its performance measurements.

An average loading time of less than 3 second is considered as fast.

An average loading time between 3 and 7 seconds is considered as normal.

An average loading time between 7 and 15 seconds is slow.

An average loading time of more than 15 seconds is considered as unusable.

Unavailability is determined by our monitoring software. All of the above loading times are average loading times outside of Myanmar. Loading times in Myanmar are not taken as reference as internet speeds are to slow be of any reference.

Monthly report

We want to be held responsible for our preformance. An open and honest communication to you is important for us. We don’t keep things to our shelf, thats why we send you a preformance report to you evert month. In this report you can find al sorts of information about the preformance and visitors of your website.